Getting Ready For That Long Run!

If you’re a regular runner like me, you know you have to get in shape before you start on a run, Weather that’s just eating healthy or prepping physically for that long run/marathon! You must learn the struggles and hardships needed before you go through and start the run. If you start the run, you better finish it! This article will be mainly focused on how you can get ready for that long run, in both ways of eating and just mentally.

Running Mileage

Before you start that long run, you need to get some practice going. Not that old, one jog and you’re good to go. A REAL PRACTICE¬†which is taking a relevant run in the same km/mile area and seeing how you react to it. Try it a few times so you can get properly used to it. You can do it for a few days (5-15 days) and see how well your body will get adjusted to it. Eventually, when you start the marathon it should be a breeze.

Another way of running mileage is to also speed things up every time you take a practice run. For example the first run is 1 mile, second could be 2 miles and so on. Speeding things up and stress your muscles more and get them quicker used to the future marathon!


Get in the mood of drinking water, ALWAYS. I know when I’m at home I barely drink any water. That’s why when you run, hydration is a key part of your run. You don’t even need to drink the water, even rinsing your mouth with water will work well. And when you’re running during the marathon, a water pack will work great in keeping your bottles in line. If you need a drink, remember you have your pack.


If you’re gonna go on a long run, it’s best to trim your eyebrows as well. An good¬†eyebrow trimmer will work great on getting the job done. Why do you need to trim your eyebrows before a run you may ask? Well, sweat and other bacteria can accumulate on those certain hairs and so it’s best to make sure your eyebrow hair is at it’s least and in-line.