How to Add Walks Into Your Running Routine

The reason why you need to add walking in your running routine is to strengthen up your muscles and go longer distances. However, not every runner is able to achieve this properly. Before you do the wrong thing in your routine, you better read the tips written below first.

Pay close attention to your form

Most of the walkers find the upright posture to be comfortable and most natural of all forms. What you need to do is take up short steps so you avoid over striding. It can cause pains and aches in your hips, feet, and legs. Always keep both your feet low on the ground and take your steps lightly.

Substitute running day

The DayThis means you have to change one of your running days into a walking day. When you do this, record the number of minutes that you usually take when you run and then double it. Take, for example, you usually take 30 minutes running, so you do walking for 60 minutes. There is no need to complete that time at once. You can have it broken down into two parts, like going for a walk in the morning and another before the sun sets.


Walking to cross train. You can also do walking on days that you don’t do your running routine. This is a very efficient method of burning fat and at the same time increase blood flow that helps in recovery. This is a good way from breaking up from your usual routine, recovery from injury and enjoy your time with family or friends who don’t do running. During cross-training days, continuously walk for 30 to 60 minutes or you can do five to ten-minute segments all throughout the day, if time allows you to.

Change terrain. It is also advisable that you change terrains, too. The more varied the route for walking is, the better workout you will get.

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