How to Run the Right Way

Running can get you injured if not done properly. You have to learn the proper technique in doing so in order for you to reduce the risk of getting injured and at the same time enjoy your running routine.

Keep the head straight.

When you run, always look ahead of you, between 30 and 40 meters in front. Avoid looking at your feet. Looking down generate tension on your shoulders and neck. Keep your neck and jaw relaxed.

Avoid hunching your shoulders.

Arms and ShouldersThe shoulders should be positioned backward and down. Make sure you keep both relaxed and avoid putting tension on them. If you hunch over, it will restrict your breathing, thus having less oxygen getting into your muscles.




Keep both hands relaxed.

Avoid flopping your hands when you run. Always keep them relaxed. Avoid tightening them, too, as it can also cause tension all the way to your shoulders and back.

Keep arms at a 90-degree position.

Both arms should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees. If you swing them, do so through back and forward, not across the body. Moving your arms will help propel the body forward. Sideway swinging will only waste energy.

Lean forward while you run.

Avoid bending backward of forward from your waist as this will put pressure on your hips. Some experts advise that you run in an upright position, but others believe that using the body weight to lean forward for a bit while you run can lessen the heel strike and even aid you land in the middle of the foot.

Keep hips stable.

The hips must remain forward-facing and stable. Avoid the bottom from sticking out or rocking the hips sideways. Keep this position with your hips as this will prevent hip and low back pain.

Don’t lift the knees too high.

When you run, land the feet slightly in the knee. This aids in absorbing the impact of running on the hard surfaces.

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