On An Itchy Run?

You’ve been running for a few hours. You’re getting this itch, but you’re not sure what to do. Do you scratch it, or do you wait for it to settle down and go away? Well this is a recurring phenomenon among runners, an itch during long runs. It can be a pain to deal with, but it happens. Especially when you’re in a normal routine and it occours. It’s annoying and you have to deal with it. Almost always….so why does this recur? Here is a simple explanation that might help your head wrap around this.

Taking A Bath

Yes, this is a simple explanation to take in. When you take a bath, all your natural oils in your skin gets cleaned and washed away. Basically removed in a sense. This creates dryness and itchiness throughout your skin, which in turn over a period of time such as running creates that terrible itchiness!

Cold Weather

Cold WeatherYou might also be thinking, it’s cold outside…why are my legs itching? Simple, during the cold weather it creates less humidity in the environment. This creates that terrible itch we all hate, and the simple answer is humidity.

How Can I Prevent Itchiness?

  • Drink Water

You can drink water and stay hydrated! It’ll keep your body more warm and fit!

  • Use Lotions

The lotions stop the dryness and itchiness from your skin. They allow the least humidity on your skin, making it easy for you to not have those itches.

This is a bit of a wild one…but a back scratcher works just fine as a way to solve an running itch. A quick scratch using the back scratcher and you’re good!

This is our simple outlook on looking at the running itch. Just follow our ways on quickly solving them and getting back on your run! I know it can be a pain to deal with them, but now you have ways to solve it. So fear not! Get running folks!